Premier Power Products Calcutta Pvt Ltd

Quality Assurance, Objective and Policy

Quality Assurance

The system implementation of quality procedures and methodologies is the basis of our quality assurance to our customers, clients and engineering project consultants. This guides us to implement, maintain and enhance our Quality Management Systems with regard to the process efficiency, manpower resources management and overall operational efficiency.

Quality Objective

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of our organization. We aim to earn customer trust by rendering high quality service and thorough participation of qualified, skilled, motivated and dedicated manpower resources as well as high quality material resources. By aspiring for continuous improvement in all aspects of Business procedures and Quality Management Systems, we lay the foundation of our Quality Assurance.

Quality Policy

Quality is the buzzword here. Our passion ensures that every cell of the organizational structural, in thought, word and deed, breathes quality. Quality is a dedicated, participative phenomenon that is cultivated by systematic teaching, learning and practising and not just the results of any concentrated effort merely to be conscious of it.